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Guatemala – Investigation into alleged Presidential corruption suspended

An international commission created by United Nations to combat impunity in Guatemala (CICIG), working together with sectors of the local justice system, has produced evidence of widespread corruption within the ranks of senior government officials in Guatemala. The corruption scandal comes at a critical time before Guatemala’s General Election due on September 6.

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Denmark – Centre-left government ousted

Denmark held its parliamentary elections on Thursday, 18 June. The election gave the so-called blue bloc 90 seats compared to the red bloc’s 85. This means the centre-right should be able to control the Danish Parliament (Folketinget) for the coming term.

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Taiwan on its way to female president

IDU member Kuomintang (KMT) looks set to nominate a female candidate for president in 2016. Deputy Legistlative Speaker Hung Hsiu-chu passed the 30 percent threshold in the party’s three recent presidential primary polls. Her average approval rating was 46 percent.

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