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Freedom Forum Declaration, Miami, 5 May 2017



The Freedom Forum, a gathering of current and former elected officials, political prisoners and their families, and leaders in civil society, representing more than 15 countries, met in Miami, Florida to discuss the ongoing Venezuelan crisis, as well as the plight of political prisoners around the world. After deliberations, the group prepared the following declaration:


  • Express our solidarity with the people, the political prisoners and their families, and the democracy advocates in Venezuela.
  • Demand the military and security forces of Venezuela cease their use of violence and lethal actions against Venezuelan citizens exercising their constitutional rights of speech, assembly and protest.
  • Appeal to democratic governments around the world to use all tools at their disposal to restore democratic governance to Venezuela including sanctions targeted at the regime; provision of humanitarian supplies and assistance; support for pro-democracy civil and civic society activists, in and out of Venezuela; and assistance in planning for the restoration and support of a free, democratic Venezuela.
  • Call attention to the continued use of illegal detention of political prisoners in Venezuela, Georgia, Belarus, Cuba, Russia and other countries where, and the deprivation of human rights and use of torture on those in custody and demand the immediate release of all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience.
  • Reaffirm our strong belief in the right of self-determination for all peoples through free and fair elections, as established by law, and conducted in an honest and open environment.
  • Note with appreciation the introduction of legislation aimed at assisting Venezuela by US Senators Marco Rubio and Ben Cardin, as well as the recent actions of the Organization of American States, and urge all Nations and international organizations to undertake similar measures.
  • Thanks the International Democratic Union and the Jarl Hjalmarson Foundation for their support of our efforts.




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