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General elections in Ecuador: Hope remains.

So far, the partial results of the three main contenders are 39.18% for the official and former Vice president Lenin Moreno; 28.38% for Guillermo Lasso CREO’s party candidate (UPLA member party) and a 16.16 for Cynthia Viteri Social Christian Party candidate (UPLA founding party). The results of the assembleary elections are even more behind, with only 63% of the polling stations being scrutinized.

The National Electoral Council (CNE) said that Wednesday 22 February is expected to have the final results of the whole process, especially to determine whether there is or not a presidential second round in Ecuador.

In this scenario, Guillermo Lasso, who is second in presidential counts, said he is convinced that there will be a second round, which is scheduled for April 2. He expressed that “The Ecuadorian people were victorious after the voting day; More than 60% said no to continuism, no to the model of one party dictatorship. ”

Jaime Nebot, the historical leader of the Social Christian Party and mayor of the city of Guayaquil, after hearing the partial results, said that “for us the country will always be first and we will vote for Mr. Lasso” (in case of a second round)”. He added that in the elections, it was clear Ecuador’s rejection of Correa’s government “do not want continuity or more of the same, do not want to be Venezuela, we have to interrupt the route that wants to go there.”

Therefore, if there is a second round and on the basis of the unity of both UPLA parties (PSC and CREO), hope remains for another Latin-American country leaving the failed policies of Socialism of the 21st Century, for the good of the country and all its citizens.

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