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IYDU – New Chairman and Board Elected

Congratulations to the IYDU who have elected Simon Breheny (Australia) as Chairman. His top team will comprise Deputy Chairman Bruno Kazuhiro (Brazil), Treasurer Eric Huang (Taiwan) with Charlotte Kude as Secretary General (United Kingdom).

The elected Vice-Chairmen are Jaekeun Han (South Korea), Giovanni Contini (Italy), Lucie Pichlerová (Czech Republic), Fernando Bautista (El Salvador), Mikkel Wrang (Denmark), María Lourdes Landivar (Bolivia), Nick Francis (St Vincent), Samuel Awuku (Ghana) and Tamir Wertzberger (Israel).

Simon will be assisted in his work by an appointed group of highly experienced IYDU officers including Chairman Emeritus Jason Emert (United States), International Political Director Kai Jorgensen (United States) and Chief of Staff Jatzel Roman (Dominican Republic).

The IDU strongly supports the IYDU with this new elected board and looks forward to working to bring all IDU youth movements together.

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