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IDU Welcomes BJP of India as New Member

At their meeting in Colombo (Sri Lanka) the IDU Executive unanimously recommended the BJP, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as new members of the International Democrat Union.

BJP is the ruling party of India and won an outright majority in the May 2014 elections – the first party to do so since 1984, securing more than 171 million votes which represents 31% of the popular vote.

India’s BJP is the world’s largest democratic political party by membership, with more than 100 million registered members. This also makes the BJP the largest of all the world’s parties, since the Communist Party of China’s official number of members is “just” 87 million.

In foreign policy, Prime Minister Modi has sought to improve relations and trade links with its neighbours and has strengthened India’s role as a key international actor. He has recently undertaken a number of high profile visits to France, Canada, USA, Germany and the UK.

Full membership is eventually granted by the Party Leaders Conference of the IDU.

The IDU is pleased to welcome BJP into the organisation.

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