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International Young Democrat Union (IYDU) – Azerbaijan

A group claiming to represent the International Young Democrat Union (IYDU) is holding a “Study Visit” to Azerbaijan from 26th to the 29th of May 2016. Our Member Party in Azerbaijan – the National Independence Party (NIPA) and their youth movement have expressed serious concerns about this visit. The IDU Secretary General therefore finds it necessary to clarify the following:

  1. This event is not organised by the International Young Democrat Union but rather a rogue group pretending to be the IYDU. This group is led by a Lebanese individual who claims to be the Chairman of the IYDU. This individual has no connection to the IYDU and no authority to speak on its behalf. The only recognised Chairman of the IYDU is Jason Emert (USA, Republicans).
  2. The programme in Azerbaijan is being hosted and paid for by the ruling ‘New Azerbaijan Party’ and their youth wing. The New Azerbaijan Party is the vehicle for Azerbiajani authoritarian regime leader, President Aliyev. Aliyev ‘won’ the 2013 election with 85% – though the Central Election Commission actually published the result of his victory, a day before voting began! After this election, the head of an independent election monitoring NGO was arrested in response to a critical report on the rigged elections; a move condemned by the USA and others. According to Amnesty International, the regime contains to detain a number of political prisoners. Transparency International rates the country as one of the most corrupt in Europe – even more corrupt than Russia.
  3. Neither the IDU, the IYDU nor any of its regional networks have any connection with the New Azerbaijani Party. The only member of our global organization from Azerbaijan is the National Independence Party (NIPA). NIPA is in no way connected to this programme and totally rejects it taking place.
  4. NIPA warns that anyone who participates in this programme opens him or herself to being used by the regime in its propaganda. The regime is spending a huge amount of money in an attempt to silence its critics and cover up political detentions and human rights abuses in the country. NIPA have asked that no one from the IDU or IYDU participate in this programme.

If you need any more information on this, please contact the IDU Secretariat or directly to Elshan Mustafayev, the International secretary of NIPA, Azerbaijan at

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