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Meet PRO, Argentina – the IDU’s newest member

At the recent IDU Executive Meeting held on 17 January 2017, in Munich, Germany the IDU welcomed its newest member, Republican Proposal (PRO), Argentina into the family.

Since its establishment in 2005 the party has made steady electoral gains, winning the nation’s capital Buenos Aires in 2007 and again in 2011. In 2015, PRO formed the electoral alliance “Let’s change” with the Radical Civic Union and the Civic Coalition and won presidential elections with their candidate Mauricio Macri.

The Presidential victory in 2015 overturned decades of misrule by the populist left. President Macri is the first centre-right leader to take power since Argentina returned to democracy in 1983.

Also in the 2015 elections PRO, again, won the City of Buenos Aires and the Province of Buenos Aires which account for some 40% of the population. With its allies PRO also governs the provinces of Jujuy, Corrientes and Mendoza. PRO has strong representation in the national Congress where the party holds the presidencies of both the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate.

Senator Federico Pinedo, President of the party´s assembly, was present in Munich to put forward the party’s application. The application was sponsored by a number of IDU founding members including the British Conservatives, the Spanish Partido Popular, the Swedish Moderates and the German CSU. PRO has been a member of the IDU’s regional union in Latin America, UPLA, for 9 years. The membership application received unanimous support from IDU Members.

Congratulations to Republican Proposal (PRO) on joining the IDU!

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