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Solidarity with the Democratic Forces of Venezuela

The IDU calls upon its members to take notice on the democratic and humanitarian crisis in Venezuela, which has become worse in the last weeks. Since the Chavez regime took office more than 17 years ago, with the aid of the Cuban communist government Venezuela had gradually become what it is now, a dictatorship.



The International Democrat Union demands:

1) To denounce the fraudulent referendum and the illegitimate Constituent Assembly in Venezuela, which are just distractive actions aimed to consolidate the Chavista dictatorship.

2) The separation of powers and the rule of law must be restored and guaranteed as it laid down in the constitution of Venezuela.

3) The recognition of the democratic elected Asamblea Nacional of 2015 as the only legitimate representative of the people of Venezuela, which should be permitted to serve its mandate free from coercion.

4) An immediate end to human rights violations by the Maduro regime, which has recently caused more than 120 deaths and multiple unfounded and politically motivated arrests.

5) The 33 constitutionally and democratic elected Judges of the Venezuelan Supreme Court, which were prevented from taking office and forced into exile due to political persecution, must be allowed to return and to take their elected offices.

6) That the regional governors, mayors and council representatives who have been persecuted, imprisoned and forced into exile by an arbitrary government decree, violating their constitutionally granted mandates, must be allowed to return and to take their elected offices.

7) The recognition and condemnation of the existence of organised crime including arms and narco trafficking and cooperation with known terrorist groups at all levels of the Venezuelan government which must be stopped by all appropriate means.

8) To call upon democratic governments of the world and international organizations for concrete sanctions against the Venezuelan regime, in order to stop its dictatorship, as the United States and the European Union have already done.

The IDU calls upon its members to take action and to pass this resolution at the party level and to promote the IDU pledge for the immediate and complete restoration of freedom and democracy in Venezuela.

Find here the response on IDU’s eight demands from the President of the National Assembly of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Congressman Julio Borges:


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